What solution?

We offer recovery password for your Crypto currency Wallet

We currently recover:

Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Ethereum Classic Doge Coin DigiByte Dash
Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Classic Eth DogeCoin DigiByte Dash

Crypto currency coin like Bitcoin or Ethereum use software or online service where you usually store your coin, encrypted by your hand with a password/passphrase or called "seed". It happens every day, sometimes you can lose any password related to your connected life (like E-mail) and your wallet password. Unfortunately, without this password you can't access to any fund stored in that wallet, money is LOST on blockchain.
After month of research on every wallet/coin, based on various information you can bring we are able to decrypt your wallet upon various methods.

The Details

Are you eligible?

> Your coin is supported.
> You are sure that your password contains your date of birth or place of birth.
> Or you recorded a password and mixed about capitalization.
> Or your password starts with "JohnXXXX" but you don't remember what number/punctuation you putted in X place
> Or Many others case, just contact us to let you know if we can restore your wallet password

Unlocking services

In order to ensure that there is a high success rate when decrypt any wallet, we built 3 proprietary programs algorithm types to decrypt your lost wallet password, including Brute-force Attack, Brute-force with Mask Attack and Dictionary Attack.
We use Multi-core CPU and GPU (most used Nvidia acceleration). GPU is a much more powerful computing component than CPU allow password decrypt speed is 40X faster than the normal way with only CPU acceleration enabled but use more resources (electricity/noise). All optimized and overlocked with our proprietary program designated to work on each hardware.


It's a no brainer, Crypto currencies are designed to be traced in any blockchain explorer, it will be easy to anyone to follow his money, so our website reputation will be die in 1 minute if we recovered any money and not send if back to you.
With Second bitcoin-core wallet, it is possible that you send us just portion of the wallet information. This partial information allows us to decrypt the wallet without any chance to steal your coins. (Note that this applies to bitcoin-qt/bitcoind/litecoin/dogecoin and most other alt-coin wallets, but does not apply to blockchain.info or multibit or armory or electrum or BIP38 encoded wallets, nor the Ethereum wallets).


It goes from free (with % paid if succeed) to % pre-paid. Each situation is different, during our free study (24h maximum guaranteed) depending amount, complexity of your password and other various factors, we will be able to answer you with delay and exact cost if there is. Reason of pre-paid in some case is a kind of guarantee for us in case our computers don't succeed in recovering your wallet, to cover various cost like electricity.

I want recover my coin!

1- Submit all informations

In our recovery center, fill up all information like Coin/Wallet/Value... in order to start to review your situation (24h).

2- Study phase

After receiving your information we will start study if based on all your input we are able or not to recover your coin.

3- Recovery phase

If you are eligible we will start recovery wallet, after success we will send fund back fund.